Dis Engels!?
Ons het besluit om die gereelde navrae in engels te tik en die rede hiervoor is, omdat ons die afgelope jaar, vreeslik baie nuwe bestellings en navrae gekry het van mense wat Engels praat of lees of verstaan (so dankbaar daarvoor!)
As jy NIE Engels kan lees of verstaan nie, stuur gerus asb n e-pos na info@liefdewen.co.za en ons sal al jou vrae beantwoord!

Liefde Wen uses DTG to print most orders, this means orders can take 7-10 work days to complete. (even if an item shows in stock, this means the garment is in stock, not necessarily the print)

As soon as we have completed the order, it is sent via courier to your door.
Delivery usually takes 2 days, but outlying areas may take up to 7 days
*Please take public holidays into account as well

We do appreciate that this is quite a while to wait, but since we are a small team, we will do our best to make sure that your order is made with love!

You should receive an email when placing your order (always check your sneaky spam)

EFT orders may take 2 working days to reflect so please take this time into account when placing your order.

Once your order has been sent, you will receive an email with your tracking details.

Add your tracking number, to the appropriate website to search your order:

TCG – The Courier Guys – https://thecourierguy.pperfect.com

Aramex – https://aramex.co.za

Globeflight – https://globeflight.co.za
We have a few options available:
Ozow, Payfast, Snapscan, Payflex and EFT
Here are our banking details:
Liefde Wen is a merch company with a heart for humans. We ourselves don’t do all the charity work (mostly because Liefde Wen is not our primary job, but also, we don’t always know how) but we support local charities by selling our merch. Our hope is always that when you wear or use something of Liefde Wen, you are reminded to be kind, humble and ready to learn (or even unlearn!)
We are not trying to reinvent the wheel but certainly are always ready to listen, to learn and to love one another and hope to reach as many people as we can.
We honestly just wing it 🙂
BUT if you have ideas or designs or want something specific, please let us know!
We have an initiative where we print the Liefde Wen logo on a T-shirt in your school colours.
There is a min order of 50 units applicable but the T’s are given at a discounted rate for fundraising purposes for the school. (This also has to be signed off by the school principal)
You can contact CJ at – cj@liefdewen.co.za for more info
Indien n item te groot, of te klein is, kan ons n omruiling maak.
Items kan terug gestuur word na ons toe na:
29 Hibernia straat
Yorks straat, Postnet – George
Sodra ons die items ontvang het (in goeie toestand) sal ons die nuwe bestelling deur sit en stuur.
Omruilings se posgeld is R125 en kan via EFT betaal word
Stuur asb alle bewys van betalings na: